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Brooke County Fair Vendor Contract


Welcome to the Brooke County Fair!

Friday:              4:00 - 10:00

Saturday:       10:00 - 10:00

Sunday:         10:00 -   6:00    

Vendors will be permitted to set up their designated site from noon until 8 pm on Thursday,
and on Friday before 3:00 pm. No vendor will be permitted to remove their materials until the fair closes at 6:00 pm on Sunday,  without the approval of the fair committee. The fair committee will designate all space locations. Please return this contract with full payment to reserve your site..

Vendor materials including but not limited to tents, trailer, tables, chairs, grills, extension cords, water supply hose, decorations and other materials to be used by the vendor within the designated space shall be the responsibility of the vendor. The Fair Board will not provide any materials other than water and electricity. Sorry we can not provide tents or canopies but they are welcome.

Vendors must list all items they will be selling, distributing, advertising or promoting. Example: sausage, fries, lemonade, novelty items, promotion material etc. We understand novelty items may be extensive to list so list these items as specific as possible. Merchandise, food or any other materials being sold, promoted, displayed, given away or marketed shall be conducted within the designated space rented by the vendor for the entire three days. Sales, promotions, marketing, advertising or any other kind of solicitations conducted by anyone is strictly prohibited, unless granted permission by the Fair Committee, Brooke County Park and Recreation Commission or Brooke Hills Park Management. Any vendor violating this restriction may, at the discretion of the Fair Board, be denied further participation at the fair with no refund of vendor fees. Vendors must stay in their allotted place when selling anything.

Vendors shall list all electrical appliances and equipment they will be using. Example: grills, roasters, refrigeration appliances, fans blenders, radios and etc. If any vendor is using more electrical appliances than they have listed in the application they must remove those items from the fair grounds or risk being denied further participation with no refund.

Any materials the Fair Committee deems obscene, dangerous, unlawful or otherwise inappropriate for a family friendly environment is strictly prohibited from sales, promotion and display or advertised in anyway.

The Brooke County Health Department may inspect each vendor site that will be selling food to verify proper certification. The Fair Board will not be responsible for any actions the health department may deem necessary and will not redeem vendor fees if a vendor is not permitted to conduct food sales. Any question regarding food handling issues contact the Brooke County Health Department at 304-737-3665.

Vendors will have a designated parking area and given permits so they may conveniently leave the fair area to restock their merchandise as needed. A temporary access road will be available to vendors so they may deliver merchandise close to the midway. The access road is temporary; any unauthorized extended parking in that area may result in vehicles being towed at the owner’s expense. The Fair Committee, Brooke Hills Park Management, the Brooke County Parks and Recreation will not be responsible for any types of vehicle incidents involving anyone traveling within and without the fair grounds and Brooke Hills Park property.

All merchandise belonging to anyone will be the sole responsibility of the owner. The Fair Committee, Brooke Hills Park Management, and the Brooke County Parks & Recreation Commission will not be responsible for missing or damaged property. Security will be provided by the Fair Committee to patrol the fair grounds but will not be there to individually provide security for any specific spaces, merchandise, equipment or any other property not belonging to or in the care of the Fair Committee or Brooke Hills Park.

Each vendor will be responsible for keeping their area free of trash and debris within and immediately around their individual spaces and when each vendor removes their equipment, merchandise and materials from their space at the conclusion of the fair on Sunday at 6:00 pm. Vendors will be limited to receive two vendor passes, if more are needed will be charged at the gate admission price, and two car passes for the three days.

No motorized vehicles such as golf carts, motorcycles, four wheelers, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, bicycles or any other motorized or human powered recreation vehicles will be permitted on the fair grounds to insure everyone’s safety. Only vehicles authorized by the fair committee or prescribed motorized carts necessary for individuals with a disability shall be permitted to operate on the fair grounds.

The Brooke County Fair Committee, Brooke County Parks and Recreation Commission, and Brooke Hills Park Management want all fair participants, volunteers, vendors, entertainers and guests to have a safe and fun weekend. We want everyone to be safe and look forward to returning to future fairs for a fun family friendly community oriented event. We want to accommodate the vendors … let us know how we may work with you to make our fair profitable and enjoyable for all vendors. Copies can be made of this material if you know of others interested in the fair.

The Brooke County Fair Committee reserves the right to manage the Brooke County Fair at is discretion with the cooperation of the Brooke County Parks and Recreation Commission, and the Brooke Hills Park Management.


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